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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Xplicit Desi Vibes: Urban Desi 2 RELEASED (download only my tracks or whole album)



Xplicit Desi Vibes has grown to be the number one South Asian remix crew in the United States and they can easily say that because their stats prove it to be true. Having attained an incredible 40-50-60K+ downloads per mixtape (and that's not even counting downloads from Torrent websites) they have become a household name when it comes to where to find the best underground Desi music.

After the successful release of their latest mixtape, Desi Rhythm, Xplicit Desi Vibes is back with a bang, as their releasing one of their most anticipated mixtapes yet, Urban Desi 2 - featuring not only the best mixes to come from the XDV crew, but also original production from XDV founder, DJ Desiplaya, himself. Two of the original tracks you'll find on Urban Desi 2 are "Better Days," featuring NJ-based MC Kaly, and "OK" featuring the UK's very own Menis & Drilla Kid (special thanks to Kami K as well).

In addition to production by DJ Desiplaya, Urban Desi 2 also debuts Hip-Hop artist Gamble, on not one, not two, but four different tracks! Trust me, after taking a listen to him, you're going to be begging to hear more from this Los Angeles MC! Urban Desi 2 also features one hit-single "My Kinda Girl (remix)" in which DJ Desiplaya has fused together the sultry vocals of Raghav, alongside the rap talents of Lil' Wayne.

Urban Desi 2 also features the hit song, Kabhi Kabh Aditi Remix, in which producer RajStar of RVM Sounds has taken A.R. Rahman's inspiring track about friendship, life & relationships and added a club-twist to it. With some special guests such as Nivla, P. Oberoi, Kidd Skilly, Kazz Kumar, and others throughout the mixtape, in addition to up-beat dance tracks like Swagga Like Akshay Kumar, Ride It Reggaeton Remix, Vekhi Lagdi, and an exclusive mashup of Lomaticc & Sunny Brown, you're going to be keeping CD on repeat!

01) Intro (Nivla, Gamble, Kid Skilly, P Oberoi).mp3 4.36 MB
02) My Kind Of Girl Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft Raghav Lloyd & Lil Wayne).mp3 10.57 MB
03) Like a Snake (Bobby B feat. Gamble).mp3 7.28 MB
04) Bounce Remix (Dj @bhi).mp3 12.47 MB
05) Chori Chori Remix (Dj Desiplaya).mp3 12.09 MB
06) Maybe Remix (djP ft. Jay Sean).mp3 10.03 MB
07) Better Days (Prod. By Dj Desiplaya ft. Kaly).mp3 12.02 MB
08) Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Remix (RajStar Mashup) (RVM Sounds).mp3 7.86 MB
09) Abbi Jaa Remix (Gamble).mp3 6.78 MB
10) Hello Remix Pt 1 ( Dj Mashup ft. T-Pain & Flo-Rida).mp3 12.23 MB
11) OK (Prod. Dj Desiplaya & Kami K ft. Menis & Drilla Kid).mp3 9.16 MB
12) O Jaana Remix (Dj @bhi).mp3 11.39 MB
13) Shout Outs (Feat. Raja Wilco, Ar-Sin, Ajaxxx, June 25TH & Kazz of Sona Family).mp3 5.14 MB
14) Vehki_Lagdi_(djP ft._Aman_Hayer_Apache_Indian_&_Hard_Kaur).mp3 13.66 MB
15) Click Click Click (Gamble ft. Nasri).mp3 13.73 MB
16) Hello Remix Pt 2 (Dj Desiplaya ft. Ishq Bector).mp3 9.02 MB
17) Maahi Remix (Dj @bhi).mp3 7.84 MB
18) Nachle Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft. Keri Hilson & Timbaland).mp3 14.52 MB
19) Esho British Namai Remix ( Habib Wahid ft Gamble).mp3 6.47 MB
20) Aaja Mere Kol Remix (djP ft. Punjabi by Nature).mp3 12.06 MB
21) Ride it Reggeaton Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft. Jay Sean).mp3 9.08 MB
22) Teri Masti Remix (djP Feat. Josh).mp3 10.96 MB
23) Swagga_Like_Akshay Remix (Dj Mashup ft. Akshay).mp3 10.69 MB
24) Tonight_Remix_(djP ft._Jay_Sean).mp3 9.88 MB
25) Soniye_Ni_Fall_ Megamix(djP ft._Sunny_Brown_&_Lomatic).mp3 12.46 MB
99) (Bonus) Get Up Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft 50 cent , Krishna).mp3 10.28 MB
99) (Bonus) Maa Da Laadla vs Sweet Dreams (Dj Mashup).mp3 11.88 MB
99) (Bonus) Soniyo Remix (Dj Mashup ft. Cassie & Lil Wayne).mp3 16.64 MB


Download only my songs (single mp3 files):
Maa Da Laadla vs Sweet Dreams
Soniyo vs Official Girl
Hello vs Low
Swagga Like Us vs C C 2 C

Plus single mp3 files from older albums:
Mann Tu Talabat Remix feat. Soulja Boy
Break Ya Waistline vs Party People

Aai Paapi vs Lets Talk About Sex
Lucky Boy vs Way I Are

Aaja Nachle vs Promiscuous
Mauja Hi Mauja vs Switch

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