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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"One Of The Best Mashups of All Time" - Bonus Track Requests

Here are single links for two of the bonus tracks from the latest compilation. I posted them to youtube and they seem to be getting a better response then I had expected they would.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
4shared download: DYRTT

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
4shared download: CWKYD

And also, the bollywood album might be postponed til early january for personal reasons.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

By Popular Demand...

Here's a link for one of my new mash ups that seems to be making the rounds a lot because it's playing on several radio stations.

It's included also in my latest compilation album.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One of the Best Mashups of All Time (December 2009 Compilation)

Here's the promised compilation, Dj MashUP's "One of the Best Mashups of All Time":

Tracklist (in jpg format so it's not searchable and therefore hoepfully won't get deleted):


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. Sorry for the delay, but the english compilation album will be released in less than a week.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
2. I've recieved a DCMA complaint for "Morning After Thriller" so that post is down. They can lick my balls, so just wait for the compilation.
3. Done out of complete boredom, "Party Up In The USA", a mashup of "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus over DMX's "Party Up In Here" is actually getting a lot of attention apparently. People are telling me they've heard it on the radio, and in their local roller skating rinks, and that kind of thing, so that's cool. If you have heard it somewhere, please contact me on youtube or here, because I'm just interested to hear where it is going. I didn't expect anyone to like it; so far it's just been posted on a Dj forum and nowhere else. It'll be in the compilation.
4. Lastly, Sound-Unsound and DJ Useo's "It Is 2 Laff" also known as "It Is To Laff 2" has been released.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I have a track on there, track 15, which is "Dont Cha Belong With Me." It still pays attention to key and tempo, it just seemed funny to me because both songs have the same meaning, but one in a "trashy" way and the other is a song that 13 year old girls can sing without their parents being like no radio for you for a month.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Newsy news news + 1

First off, here is my latest exploitation mash of Taylor Swift and Kanye West at the VMAs (you'd have to have seen the "Thug Story" skit from the CMT Country Music Awards to know the Taylor song).

4shared DOWNLOAD

And also in other news, if I were you, I'd expect an english album soon, probably November, and then a Bollywood mega-album compilation in December/January.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

T2:ROTF REMIX - LP vs CB, LW, & SB (Reuploaded!!!!)

Uh oh, got deleted from 4shared. Here's a replacement.

REUPLOADED (mediafire)
REUPLOADED (sendspace)
Transformers 2 REMIX download (4shared) --- DELETED!!!!
Stream Transformers 2 REMIX (youtube)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Love Story vs Apologize (Dj MashUP version)

First off, this is based off of the idea that Ryson made:
his video

His mashup sounded very good already, I just wanted to do my own version with a few things different. I put the Apologize chorus in it, filtered the acapella a little different, put Taylors pitch up to match Apologize instead of Apologize down to meet Taylor. His was more of a remix/blend, while I did a mashup. I didn't like how the last verse sounded after I played with the pitch at all so I made something up there. But whatever, I'm posting this because I liked it, just as he liked my Poker Face Numa Numa and made his own version, because we're cool like that.

4shared (Download Dj MashUP version)
youtube of Dj MashUP version (video)
kyte of Dj MashUP version (video)

3 New Mp3's for you all

Here are some mp3s I'm giving you all in a bulk upload. One was a funny mashup requested by a coworker, the other is done a million times over, and the third isn't really a mash so I'm just giving them a few seconds of fame instead of a whole post. As you know I don't post the names on here so google can't pick up that this is a mashup site and then the labels can't search it, even though I'm doing this out of complete support for the artists and not selling them for my own personal gain.

1. Girls Just --- Coolie Dance Remix
video (kyte)
4shared (download)

2. BEP vs --- Feeling --- Love Is Gone
4shared (download)

3. That's Not 500 Miles
video (kyte)
4shared (download)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dj MashUP - Kanye Paranoid versus Taylor Swift

Well this mashup came out quickly, as did my Chris Brown / Rihanna / Prodigy one.
I'll also post some new mashes soon, like the ones that are on kyte that have no mp3 up yet, so expect those next time I'm not feeling lazy.

4shared link (download)
Youtube stream

Monday, August 17, 2009

Requested: Dance Pe Chance vs Boom Boom Pow

Here's a request I did because it was a good idea. Pitch is off between both songs, but this was just a fun sounding little tune so I did the request.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chris Brown Should Get His Ass Kicked Forever

Hey all,

I decided to counter mine and the millions of "Smack My Bitch Up" mashups that came outta the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna abuse thing. This one is a mashup of the anti-Chris club song "My Flow So Tight" by the Jump Smokers and Chris Brown's "Forever". I still love Chris Brown's music though, and Rihanna's too, just thought I could do this one to differ up the mashes coming out of the controversy.

Here's the new Chris Brown scandal mash, "Chris Brown Should Get His Ass Kicked Forever"

If you havent heard my original Chris/Rihanna/Prodigy mashup, it's here:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mash Up Your Bootz Vol. 25

It seems the Bootie king, Dj Morgoth, liked my track, Beautiful Journey, and put it on the Mash Up Your Bootz Party Sampler 25 right next to big names such as Divide & Kreate, PartyBen, Dan Mei, and more. I was given the honor of being Track 3 (pretty high up for a n00b like me if I must say so) so check the whole shebang here:

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler 25

Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Booty 2009 is OUT!!!

My first appearance on an English compilation is OUT!!!! Woohoo!!! You can download the "Summer Booty 2009" album at:

It's 2 discs, and I'm on Disc 1 Track 4 with this mashup:

But be sure to check the WHOLEEEEE album out, the tracklisting looks amazing!

Friday, June 12, 2009

If you don't trust me....

If you don't trust my judgement on what mixes are good, and what are not, I now have a MashStix page!:

There, you can read reviews by other DJs on tracks I submitted. The first one just reviewed today is "Don't Stop Til Forever"! :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dj MashUP - It Wasn't Me (I Blame It On the Alcohol)

I wanted to make a Blame It mash for a while, and I was asked to make a Wasn't Me mash. They worked together, so here it is.


Dj MashUP - Don't Stop Til Forever

I did this because the idea had been stuck in my head since I heard the "Forever" song (about 6 months too late). I was going to keep it to myself because it's old and the acapella is DIY but since I've played it around me, it's turned a few heads so I'm going to give it a try.

preview video

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank you Dj Useo!

I just wanted to thank Dj Useo for mentioning me in his latest article, and reviewing and promoting my latest compilation in it. He is one of the main people on Sound-Unsound, and even though he talked to me thinking I was the first DJ Mashup (was popular a few years ago in the English mash scene when I was just starting to work on the Bollywood scene), he's gotten into my fairly new English mashup work and I'm glad to be working with him on some new stuff coming up ;).

By the way, here's the article, so check it out!:


And fellow mashup artists, join Sound Unsound if you haven't already!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blue Sugar - Dj MashUP

I wish I had a better acapella to use, but I don't. With this one, I had to sacrifice a little volume in order to get the background static out. I'll probably redo this or someone else will if a studio becomes available. Other than that, here's a REUPLOADED 4SHARED link, it's pretty fun with a DJ friendly intro and outro:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Smash '09 COMPILATION

Below are links for easy downloading of the previous good releases, and 3 unreleased ones in there too.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Beautiful Journey - Dj MashUP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Preview Video
Mp3 Stream/Download - Click Image or here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

English Mashups April 2009 + NOTICE

Alrighty! I set aside time during Spring Break to work on final projects, but instead, I used that time to make some lovely cheesy mashed musical taters. Now, In order to not get deleted, I'm going to just post up images instead of text names. That means my lovely leechers, you can't Google them anymore. If you actually took the time to read this instead of complaining how you can't find the songs, that means you're a loyal fan or a DJ from one of the awesome forums like tjsdjs, gybo5, or mashuptown. Here are the songs for this month, and if they're still deleted, let me know and I'll have them on another server.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Monday, April 6, 2009

Re-Upload of Bollywood Mashup

Got deleted, but here it is again on mediafire. If it's gone, let me know for try three. I don't know why websites that sell mixes are up for years and this free stuff which can't be used commercially and makes you want the original songs gets deleted.:

Previously Unreleased Bollywood Mashes

Bhool Bhulaiyya vs Gimme More (off key but still often requested) -

Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om vs Love In This Club (heavily filtered the Om Shanti Om song but still sounds pretty smooth) -

Ek Shararat Hone Ko Hai vs Move (If You Wanna Move) -

Ishq Hua vs I Wanna Love You (sounds slightly off to me, but often requested)-

Maari Teetri vs Fergalicious (Hey Fergie, Before You Claim I Infringed on Your Copyrights, check out the Music Video for Maari Teetri)-

Mast Kalandar vs Stronger -

Mera Dil vs Crazy (popular)-

Singh is Kinng vs For The Love of Money (previously entered into the GYBO Money Challenge)-

Friday, March 27, 2009

Re-Post by Popular Demand

This song got deleted when I posted it first, but other DJs have been watching the video and requesting an mp3, so here is a re-up on mediafire. If the link dies, tell me.

By the way, new videos are up, mp3s hopefully soon. Check out the player on the top of this blog.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


If you haven't noticed. A blog post has already been removed due to copyright infringement. F*ck them. Here are the songs posted, minus two of them that also were deleted from 4shared.

4 Minutes to Lick It

Pokerface vs Numa Numa

Smack Cinderella Up Under My Umbrella


Ahista Ahista Mashup

Karle Gunaah Mashup

Sorry Bhai Mashup

If you'd like me to stop posting them for free and sell them on CDs lemme know, you bunch of f*cks. Thanks.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


To "celebrate" a.k.a. cash in on the hype of the film Slumdog Millionaire, I am re-releasing the untagged version of my Aaj Ki Raat vs Toxic mashup. Aaj Ki Raat was originally in the soundtrack of the Bollywood film "Don" in 2006, but was now reused in the Slumdog Millionare soundtrack and movie. In the movie, it's playing on the TV when Javed is dancing with the girls almost at the end of the movie. Here is the download!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Xplicit Desi Vibes: Urban Desi 2 RELEASED (download only my tracks or whole album)



Xplicit Desi Vibes has grown to be the number one South Asian remix crew in the United States and they can easily say that because their stats prove it to be true. Having attained an incredible 40-50-60K+ downloads per mixtape (and that's not even counting downloads from Torrent websites) they have become a household name when it comes to where to find the best underground Desi music.

After the successful release of their latest mixtape, Desi Rhythm, Xplicit Desi Vibes is back with a bang, as their releasing one of their most anticipated mixtapes yet, Urban Desi 2 - featuring not only the best mixes to come from the XDV crew, but also original production from XDV founder, DJ Desiplaya, himself. Two of the original tracks you'll find on Urban Desi 2 are "Better Days," featuring NJ-based MC Kaly, and "OK" featuring the UK's very own Menis & Drilla Kid (special thanks to Kami K as well).

In addition to production by DJ Desiplaya, Urban Desi 2 also debuts Hip-Hop artist Gamble, on not one, not two, but four different tracks! Trust me, after taking a listen to him, you're going to be begging to hear more from this Los Angeles MC! Urban Desi 2 also features one hit-single "My Kinda Girl (remix)" in which DJ Desiplaya has fused together the sultry vocals of Raghav, alongside the rap talents of Lil' Wayne.

Urban Desi 2 also features the hit song, Kabhi Kabh Aditi Remix, in which producer RajStar of RVM Sounds has taken A.R. Rahman's inspiring track about friendship, life & relationships and added a club-twist to it. With some special guests such as Nivla, P. Oberoi, Kidd Skilly, Kazz Kumar, and others throughout the mixtape, in addition to up-beat dance tracks like Swagga Like Akshay Kumar, Ride It Reggaeton Remix, Vekhi Lagdi, and an exclusive mashup of Lomaticc & Sunny Brown, you're going to be keeping CD on repeat!

01) Intro (Nivla, Gamble, Kid Skilly, P Oberoi).mp3 4.36 MB
02) My Kind Of Girl Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft Raghav Lloyd & Lil Wayne).mp3 10.57 MB
03) Like a Snake (Bobby B feat. Gamble).mp3 7.28 MB
04) Bounce Remix (Dj @bhi).mp3 12.47 MB
05) Chori Chori Remix (Dj Desiplaya).mp3 12.09 MB
06) Maybe Remix (djP ft. Jay Sean).mp3 10.03 MB
07) Better Days (Prod. By Dj Desiplaya ft. Kaly).mp3 12.02 MB
08) Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Remix (RajStar Mashup) (RVM Sounds).mp3 7.86 MB
09) Abbi Jaa Remix (Gamble).mp3 6.78 MB
10) Hello Remix Pt 1 ( Dj Mashup ft. T-Pain & Flo-Rida).mp3 12.23 MB
11) OK (Prod. Dj Desiplaya & Kami K ft. Menis & Drilla Kid).mp3 9.16 MB
12) O Jaana Remix (Dj @bhi).mp3 11.39 MB
13) Shout Outs (Feat. Raja Wilco, Ar-Sin, Ajaxxx, June 25TH & Kazz of Sona Family).mp3 5.14 MB
14) Vehki_Lagdi_(djP ft._Aman_Hayer_Apache_Indian_&_Hard_Kaur).mp3 13.66 MB
15) Click Click Click (Gamble ft. Nasri).mp3 13.73 MB
16) Hello Remix Pt 2 (Dj Desiplaya ft. Ishq Bector).mp3 9.02 MB
17) Maahi Remix (Dj @bhi).mp3 7.84 MB
18) Nachle Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft. Keri Hilson & Timbaland).mp3 14.52 MB
19) Esho British Namai Remix ( Habib Wahid ft Gamble).mp3 6.47 MB
20) Aaja Mere Kol Remix (djP ft. Punjabi by Nature).mp3 12.06 MB
21) Ride it Reggeaton Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft. Jay Sean).mp3 9.08 MB
22) Teri Masti Remix (djP Feat. Josh).mp3 10.96 MB
23) Swagga_Like_Akshay Remix (Dj Mashup ft. Akshay).mp3 10.69 MB
24) Tonight_Remix_(djP ft._Jay_Sean).mp3 9.88 MB
25) Soniye_Ni_Fall_ Megamix(djP ft._Sunny_Brown_&_Lomatic).mp3 12.46 MB
99) (Bonus) Get Up Remix (Dj Desiplaya ft 50 cent , Krishna).mp3 10.28 MB
99) (Bonus) Maa Da Laadla vs Sweet Dreams (Dj Mashup).mp3 11.88 MB
99) (Bonus) Soniyo Remix (Dj Mashup ft. Cassie & Lil Wayne).mp3 16.64 MB


Download only my songs (single mp3 files):
Maa Da Laadla vs Sweet Dreams
Soniyo vs Official Girl
Hello vs Low
Swagga Like Us vs C C 2 C

Plus single mp3 files from older albums:
Mann Tu Talabat Remix feat. Soulja Boy
Break Ya Waistline vs Party People

Aai Paapi vs Lets Talk About Sex
Lucky Boy vs Way I Are

Aaja Nachle vs Promiscuous
Mauja Hi Mauja vs Switch

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Forget Youtube - Videos now on Kyte

I've been kicked off of YouTube three times, so now here is my new video channel on KyteTV:

The latest videos are
Justin Timberlake vs Benny Benassi feat. James Bond - I Love My Sexyback
Ghajini vs Kanye West - Heartless vs Guzarish
Beyonce vs Oasis - WonderHalo
Chris Brown and Rihanna vs Prodigy - Smack Cinderella Up Under My Umbrella
Lil Jon, Pitbull, Rihanna, Gnarls Barkley - Krazy Crazy Disturbia
Lady Gaga vs Eddie Murphy and Rick James - Just Dance All The Time

Plus the classic youtube posts such as:
Vengaboys vs Dostana - Desi Girl vs We Like to Party
Lady Gaga vs O-Zone - Poker Face vs Numa Numa
Nelly Furtado and Timbaland vs Aaja Nachle - Aaja Nachle vs Promiscuous
Katy Perry vs Miley Cyrus - 7 Hot N Cold Things
Eamon vs One Republic and Timbaland - F**k Apologize

Plus Some Older Ones That Never Were Cleared for Youtube so check them all out!

And as for Myspace, I got kicked off but that was only strike one. So here is the new myspace:

Rick Astley, Kelis & Mousse T vs Lil Mama - Dj MashUp & Dj Scotty

My collab with Dj Scotty Pinfield is available on his blog at:

Check out his great mashes!!
Also he's done a few of my ideas, such as:
Katy Perry - Hot N Cold vs Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock
Alice Deejay - Better Off Alone vs Paramore - CrushCrushCrush

Check him out on youtube also:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Dj MashUP - Mashed Hearts (album)

Album: Mashed Hearts
Artist: Dj MashUP
Genre: Mashup

01 - Hung Up Intro - Madonna feat. Leona Lewis and Beyonce
02 - 7 Hot N Cold Things - Katy Perry vs Miley Cyrus
03 - Single Ladies Mexican Breakfast - Beyonce vs Johnny Mandel as performed by Gwen Verdon Fosse
04 - I Hate The World - Pussycat Dolls vs Justin Timberlake
05 - Energy Off Alone - Keri Hilson vs Alice Deejay
06 - What Is Love Lockdown - Haddaway vs Kanye West
07 - Erase and Rewind in Love With You - Mariah Carey vs Cardigans
08 - Burnin Wonder - Maroon 5 vs Jonas Brothers
09 - Fuck It (I Don't Want Your Apology) - One Republic vs Eamon
10 - All Good Things Become of the Brokenhearted - Nelly Furtado vs Jimmy Ruffin
11 - UR So Miles Away - Madonna vs Katy Perry
12 - Cry Me A Bow - Justin Timberlake vs Rihanna
13 - Must've Been Heartless - Roxette vs Kanye West
14 - Beat Goes Right Round (Like A Record) - Madonna and Kanye West vs Dead Or Alive
15 - Believe Megamix - Cher feat. Maroon 5, Marvin Gaye, and Good Charlotte
16 - BONUS - Woh Lamhe vs Where'd You Go 2009 - Zeher vs Fort Minor

Note: This is not an XDV release. The mixes are by me and suggested by myself and my friends... Happy Valentines' Day! Enjoy...

1 link downloads (winrar):

Individual songs:

02/06/09 Mashups

There are 3 English Mashups to download...

Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl vs Scarf - Odysee:

Lady Gaga - Just Dance vs Eddie Murphy and Rick James - (My Girl Likes To) Party All The Time = Just Dance All The Time:

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up vs Nelly Furtado - Say It Right = Never Gonna Say It Right:

And there are 3 unreleased Hindi ones; Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad vs Bollywood

Company - Khallas vs Please Don't Stop the Music

Roadside Romeo - Choo Le Naa vs Disturbia

Bachna Ae Haseeno - Khuda Jaane vs Umbrella