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Monday, September 14, 2009

Love Story vs Apologize (Dj MashUP version)

First off, this is based off of the idea that Ryson made:
his video

His mashup sounded very good already, I just wanted to do my own version with a few things different. I put the Apologize chorus in it, filtered the acapella a little different, put Taylors pitch up to match Apologize instead of Apologize down to meet Taylor. His was more of a remix/blend, while I did a mashup. I didn't like how the last verse sounded after I played with the pitch at all so I made something up there. But whatever, I'm posting this because I liked it, just as he liked my Poker Face Numa Numa and made his own version, because we're cool like that.

4shared (Download Dj MashUP version)
youtube of Dj MashUP version (video)
kyte of Dj MashUP version (video)

3 New Mp3's for you all

Here are some mp3s I'm giving you all in a bulk upload. One was a funny mashup requested by a coworker, the other is done a million times over, and the third isn't really a mash so I'm just giving them a few seconds of fame instead of a whole post. As you know I don't post the names on here so google can't pick up that this is a mashup site and then the labels can't search it, even though I'm doing this out of complete support for the artists and not selling them for my own personal gain.

1. Girls Just --- Coolie Dance Remix
video (kyte)
4shared (download)

2. BEP vs --- Feeling --- Love Is Gone
4shared (download)

3. That's Not 500 Miles
video (kyte)
4shared (download)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dj MashUP - Kanye Paranoid versus Taylor Swift

Well this mashup came out quickly, as did my Chris Brown / Rihanna / Prodigy one.
I'll also post some new mashes soon, like the ones that are on kyte that have no mp3 up yet, so expect those next time I'm not feeling lazy.

4shared link (download)
Youtube stream