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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. Sorry for the delay, but the english compilation album will be released in less than a week.
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2. I've recieved a DCMA complaint for "Morning After Thriller" so that post is down. They can lick my balls, so just wait for the compilation.
3. Done out of complete boredom, "Party Up In The USA", a mashup of "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus over DMX's "Party Up In Here" is actually getting a lot of attention apparently. People are telling me they've heard it on the radio, and in their local roller skating rinks, and that kind of thing, so that's cool. If you have heard it somewhere, please contact me on youtube or here, because I'm just interested to hear where it is going. I didn't expect anyone to like it; so far it's just been posted on a Dj forum and nowhere else. It'll be in the compilation.
4. Lastly, Sound-Unsound and DJ Useo's "It Is 2 Laff" also known as "It Is To Laff 2" has been released.
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I have a track on there, track 15, which is "Dont Cha Belong With Me." It still pays attention to key and tempo, it just seemed funny to me because both songs have the same meaning, but one in a "trashy" way and the other is a song that 13 year old girls can sing without their parents being like no radio for you for a month.
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